My Outfit Staples for Autumn/Winter

I just want to preface this post by saying that I really debated discussing my ideas about fashion on this blog. It was one category that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ‘do justice’ because I’m no style icon. I’m by no means a big spender on designer shoes or bags, I actually hate shopping, like a lot. (In real life, online shopping is the dream!) I own one pair of GUESS jeans. I found them in a sale at Topshop for £99, and have probably worn them four times in the last three years. That is as spenny as it gets for me.

So, fashion is not something I’m ‘good’ at, but I like the way I dress and I like the way clothes and accessories can make me feel like a completely different person. If I am feeling extra confident and sassy, I can style myself to match my mood or if I’m not having the best day, I can style myself to lift my mood. There really isn’t any limit to what you can do, that’s the reason I enjoy it so much. Fashion and beauty are a type of therapy for me. During the UK lockdown I would constantly sit at my desk, style my hair, have fun with makeup, get dressed up, just to feel like I was  doing something, and that really worked for me.

I also just love how subjective fashion is. What looks good to me may look awful to others and what looks good to someone else might not by my cup of tea.  However, when you begin to say to yourself, who cares? that is when it becomes the most fun. If you like your style and it makes you feel good, then just do you. Equally, if you like someone else’s style don’t be afraid to experiment and make it your own. Most importantly, don’t let yourself feel confined to one style or trend, be a baggy clothed hipster by day and then throw on an elegant heel by night if that’s what you’re into.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces that I reach for most during the colder seasons. For me autumn/winter fashion is the best kind. I cannot speak for everyone, but being able to get dressed,  feel productive and retain that sense of cosiness is what does it for me. 

And that leads me to…

The Corduroys:

Find a similar pair here:

I am in love with my cream corduroy jeans which I purchased from a lovely seller on Depop second hand. I was looking for a pair of jeans that had an edge, something a bit different and then I came across these, they really caught my eye, so I instantly purchased them. I purchased them during the summer, which was not a great idea because I barely got any wear out of them. Unfortunately, they’re just too thick to wear in the warmer weather.   

However, they have been my go to bottoms for the last couple of months for so many reasons. Firstly, they’re just so comfortable and warm because they’re not a classic denim material. I think most will agree that there is nothing worse than putting on denim jeans when it is cold, because the jeans themselves take time to warm up once you’ve put them on. These, however, literally feel like you are putting on a pair of jogging bottoms and I am here for that.

Also, the fit… they are slightly stretchy which means they are more roomy when you first put them on and allow for a hefty meal. None of that suffocating your legs and waste in the way that a pair of skinny jeans sometimes do. Equally, with a stature of 5’2 it’s hard for me to find a pair of jeans that don’t need to be rolled up two or three times at the bottom, these jeans fit my legs perfectly. I bought these with no real expectations, but they have seriously impressed me, so much so that I would say they’re my favourite pair of jeans for this time of year.

I would highly recommend a pair of corduroy jeans if you’re looking for something a little cosier than your basic pair of jeans this winter.

Classic Black Bodysuit:

Find a similar bodysuit here:

This on its own is not a showstopper. I’m sure most people have one in their wardrobe and that is because a long-sleeved black bodysuit is a great staple item for when it starts to get colder. Mine is from Primark and so very affordable but the quality is still pretty good. It’s a comfortable base layer and has held together well thus far, considering how much I’ve worn it.

I reach for this so often because I can style it in so many ways. The diversity of a basic bodysuit is what makes it one of my favourites. I could wear it on its own with a pair of jeans and trainers or dress it up by chucking on a skirt and tights if I was going for dinner or drinks, already I have two completely different looks. If I want to, I can even chuck a strappy vest top over it to modify the look once again. 

And on top of all that. Layering. (No pun intended). This top is the one for layering. I’m one for adding a baggy t-shirt over it to achieve a grungy casual look. Sometimes, I’ll just wear it with a jumper over it, that way I can still keep warm but not have to wear a huge coat out. All in all, I’m warmer than I would be without it and it gets ridiculously cold in the UK, so warmth is always welcome.

 A bodysuit or similar long-sleeved black top is a great staple to include in your wardrobe, it keeps you warm and provides a good foundation to experiment with  different styles.

Black Biker Boots:

Find a similar pair here:

I bought these boots in winter last year and I wore them constantly. They are just amazingly comfortable and ideal for warmth. I didn’t reach for these as much throughout summer, but only because the opportunity just didn’t really arise with festival season being cut out this year. I love them so much so that I’ve purchased another pair in a similar style recently.

I spend a lot of time wearing trainers, so these boots are a fun change. I’d say that my favourite thing about these is how surprisingly versatile I found them to be. They can be paired with so many different pieces and not look mismatched in my opinion. I have worn these with skinny and straight legged jeans, and with skirts and dresses of differing lengths, they always pair so well. The list is endless.

I also just want to point out that although I don’t quite remember where they were purchased from, I do remember them being no more than £30. I can confirm that you do not need to spend an extortionate amount of money to get a pair of biker boots that don’t break their shape or fit right. These fit perfectly and they have lasted very well.

Biker boots are great if you want a shoe that is a little bit more out there but still subtle, giving your outfit a bit more edge.

Reversible Parker:

Find a similar coat here:

I went on a mission this autumn to find an affordable but good quality parker. It had to look good, feel good, keep me warm and dry. For some reason, this task is always harder than it seems. For that reason, I hate coat shopping more than anything. Every year I throw a tantrum and settle for something that isn’t really doing it for me because I can’t find one that meets all my needs.   

I will admit this may be because I am not prepared to invest a lot into a coat. I always feel there are more exciting things I could spend my money on and that is just me to a T. Essentials are never my priority. Nevertheless, I walked into Primark dreading what was about to come and low and behold I saw a coat instantly that from a distance looked like exactly what I was after. As you can imagine my eyes lit up and I grabbed it as if it were the last one in stock, even though there were at least ten more in my size.

Long story short, this coat met all my requirements. It was under £30, not a lot I know, but to my point above. It felt weighty and good quality but not too heavy, so this was an instant steal for me anyway… THEN, to add to my already excited state, I realised it was also reversible. On one side it has that cool sort of wax effect and then just pure fluff (faux ofc) on the other and I fell in love with it.  I love a fluffy coat but they’re just such a chore when it rains but this is revolutionary. Imagine wearing a cute black fluffy coat on a winter evening out and at the end of the night it starts inevitably pouring down, well now I can just reverse it to become something more suitable for the weather. This way it doesn’t leave you looking like a drowned rat. I think it is also worth noting, it has pockets on both sides, needless to say  I am so impressed with this coat and I know it’ll be worn a lot.

So, if you’re looking for a good quality coat on a low budget for the coming winter, I would recommend looking in Primark.

 These may not be the most exciting of pieces, but they are my staples because they’re so easy to work with. I can pair all these pieces together or match them with other items in my wardrobe to create a whole different vibe,  that is my take on fashion. I like to get enough wear out of my clothes to ensure good value for money, but I also love to change up my style and these basics help me achieve that.


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